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As we come to the end of this year, I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has trained with Sanitas Hub.

I love my job, and one of the reasons I enjoy it so much is that I get to meet so many people from all walks of life.

Every course I teach, I learn so much, and through this I can constantly refine and improve how and what I teach.

So thank you all. I wish you a Happy Holiday, whatever way you choose to spend it. Christmas can be a very stressful period, so as I sign off for the year here are a few tips to help you through the holiday:

Set boundaries – Implementing and maintaining boundaries with family, friends and work colleagues can help to reduce strain on your mental well being. Tell those in your circle, how you feel and why you need to set boundaries to protect your mental health. Communicating your desires may reduce future conflict, if they feel you are not doing your part.

Take care of yourself – Whether its making time for a hot bath, listening to music, meditating and being mindful, or journaling – taking time out for yourself can reduce Christmas stressors and lift your mood.

Rest – You don’t have to be everything to everyone. This can lead to burnout, and more mental health problems. Make time to rest. Both mental and physical rest will prove to be beneficial to you.

Get outdoors – If you don’t want to be bombarded with Christmas paraphernalia when you walk out the door, head to a local park, museum, or go to the cinema. Staying indoors, at home, can actually be detrimental to your mental health. But, going outside and taking advantage of the daylight hours may do you the world of good.

Live in the moment – Christmas falls at the end of the chronological year. This is a time when many start to plan for the new year but also look back on the year they have had. This isn’t always helpful when there have been events during the year that may not have gone so well.

Reach out – If you experience loneliness or need someone to talk to, try reaching out to people in your existing circle. And it may be daunting at first but joining local community groups, attending a Christmas service or volunteering, could introduce you to other people. Some of them may also have taken the plunge to combat their own loneliness.

Life is a rollercoaster of some good days and some not so good, so it is important to not be too hard on yourself.

Enjoy the present, and look forward to the future, while remembering that you cannot change the past.

Best wishes

Christina xx

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