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The Impact of Menopause at Work

According to 900,000 women in the UK left their jobs because of menopausal symptoms.

Educating managers is one of the best ways organisations can support menopause at work.

Menopausal women are demographically, the fastest growing group of workers in the UK. Despite it being a natural life process, the menopause – and how menopause at work can affect your employees – is rarely discussed.

Workplaces need to create an open, inclusive and supportive culture towards menopause. Managers need to be trained how to have sensitive conversations at work with woman affected.

The Facts


The global workforce is becoming older, with a higher number of those directly experiencing symptoms in employment. This means more individuals than ever before are going through menopause at work


91% of Talking Menopause Survey* respondents suggested little or no acknowledgement of menopause in their organisations


Employers are responsible for the health, diversity and inclusion of all employees. Menopause affects everyone but few understand it and know how to discuss or support it especially at work


81% of menopausal employees* suggested that menopause had a moderate to extremely high impact on their performance at work

*Talking Menopause Client Surveys 2021


Approximately 14 million workdays are lost in the UK annually due to menopausal symptoms


The impact of the menopause affects everyone – regardless of age, gender or status

This is not a new issue, the Telegraph reported on this in 2021. Menopause is not just hot flushes, and employers need a better understanding of the symptoms and how it can affect woman in the workplace.

Davina McCall has written and spoken extensively on the subject. But as the article suggests, it should not just be up to Davina McCall to educate people. Menopause is something that in some way affects everyone, it could be your Wife, Mother, Sister or colleague – it should not be brushed under the carpet, it is not shameful. Every woman’s symptoms are different. Better understanding in the workplace is required.

Sanitas Hub is currently researching ways it can support employers in educating colleagues on menopause, and how to create an open dialogue with affected staff at work, without fear of reprisal or judgement. Is this training something that you would welcome in your workplace?

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