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Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training is vital in ensuring the health and welfare of the individuals.  Organisations should view MHFA in the same way as physical first aid and create a strategy that encompasses both. MHFA should be at the top of the agenda as we move through a period of significant change for all individuals.  During the pandemic, I regularly wrote articles and presented to Dr’s and Nurses on the importance of their own mental health.

My aim through Sanitas Hub is to break down the stigma and perception that surrounds mental health and help other realise and recognise that recovery is possible.

I am a MHFA trainer who delivers training courses across the U.K. and internationally both in person and on zoom.  I feel fortunate to have been asked to deliver my training to; schools, councils, MIND, Universities and many large corporate companies up and down the country.  I am passionate about not only creating but facilitating change and pride myself on making sure my training shares knowledge, experience and expert advice, whilst inspiring those present to help others.

My approach to training, and the response from companies has seen me successfully train over 4000 people, receiving outstanding feedback from those attending.  I am enthusiastic about what I do, and passionate about the difference my training makes.  I feel by sharing my knowledge, I am providing a toolkit to those who will support colleagues within their organisations.

I have a mission to train individuals so in turn they can make sure their colleagues are getting the absolute best care as quickly as possible.  Whether this is the initial recognition or signposting them to appropriate resources, I want to make sure they feel confident and competent in dealing with any given situation.  During my sessions we do not just learn through a textbook.  In my course I bring my lived experiences as a mental health nurse to really bring the course and the conditions we are learning about to life.  My experiences allow me to really delve into behaviours and symptoms and I pass on my practical knowledge and theory.

Christina James

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As well as training, I have given talks for the NHS, written articles for the Royal College of Nursing and completed television and media work.  I use all these facets to create a ripple of change.  This has also provided me with the opportunity to speak at conferences and conventions across the UK.

I decided to dedicate my whole life to mental health.  Providing the tools to individuals to help shape their approach to mental health illness.  It’s about helping them to make a difference, to create change, and raise awareness so as a society we talk about mental health as much as physical health.

Companies need to be competent to have the skills to change the work environment.  Not only will this contribute to the care and wellbeing of the workforce but will inevitably have a positive impact on reducing sick pay, staff turnover and in turn continue to raise awareness.

I have also developed my skills of working with the person-centred approach, developing and maintaining a therapeutic relationship with service users.  I also understand how important it is to use my communication skills effectively as a trainer but also with multi-disciplinary teams and colleagues.

Within my previous roles and as a Mental Health Nurse, I worked with and understand the Mental Health Act and have had to refer to this during practice where I was responsible for assessing, planning and implementing actions for patients detained under various sections of the Mental Health Act.  I similarly developed my skills of assessing capacity and working within the Capacity Act 2005.  I have knowledge of medications; their uses, side effects and dosages and bring this knowledge into my training delivery where appropriate.  For me providing outstanding and informative training enables us to challenge perception, challenge stigma and challenge discrimination around mental health.

I am a registered Mental Health Nurse who worked for several years on both the wards and within the community.  I recognised that friends, family and colleagues of people presenting with mental illness all have a role to play  in the healing process.

Throughout my life I have had mental illness around me.  My Mother has schizophrenia and my father is bipolar.  I wanted to understand not only their conditions but learn more about just how I could support them.

This really ignited my passion, and I found that I was dedicating my life to not only supporting those with mental health concerns via my role as a mental health nurse, but also latterly raising awareness for what support can be provided to that individuals know recovery is, and should be a reality.  These lived experiences have really allowed me to deliver training with both passion and purpose.

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Founder/Director Sanitas Hub Ltd.
July 2015 – Present
Mental Health First Aid Trainer, working with external Mental Health Training partners such as MHFA, St John’s Ambulance and MIND

Mental Health Nurse with Birmingham and Solihull NHS Trust
May 2014 – April 2015

Owner/Proprietor Bar – Mallorca
2006 – 2009

Owner/Proprietor – Christina James Ltd  – Sunbed and Nail Shop Blackpool
1996 – 2006

Landlady in Blackpool – Won Youngest Landlady Award
1994 – 1996

Writing support plans for individuals
Reviewing, changing, and implementing new policies and procedures
Support with wellbeing strategies

Solihull College  – Health and Social Care 2009 – 2010
Birmingham City University – Degree Mental Health Nurse/Registered Nurse 2010 – 2014
Award in Education and Training from Ofqual (AET) – 2016
Mental Health First Aid Instructor – 2016
MHFA Adult Course Instructor – 2016
MHFA Lite and Higher Education Instructor  – 2016
Level 6 in Introduction to Cognitive Behavioural Interventions
Level 6 in Recovery Based working with Voice Hearers

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