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When I had my training with Christina I found it to be an ‘eye opening’ experience, I found out a lot about myself that was maybe a bit hidden beneath the surface.

This was an experience I wasn’t expecting but I’m so pleased it happened. I’m now a better version of myself and am able and willing to help others that previously I would have steered away from. Many thanks to Christina and the Sanitas Hub team for the wonderful service you provide.

Jon Plumb

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I completed the 2 day Mental Health First Aider Course (MHFA England) in August 2020, via video conference, taught by Christina James.

Right from the start it was clear that Christina is passionate about all aspects of mental health and training. She was very welcoming and reassured all participants on the course that even though we could not meet face to face due to the Coronavirus, we would get the same level of teaching and group interaction as if we were based in the classroom.

The course was very interesting, in depth, thought provoking and covered many sensitive and emotional topics that as a society we tend to shy away from. We laughed – and we cried. Learning how to approach people who are potentially going through a mental health crisis and being given the tools of the right vs the wrong things to say and do and how to behave, was fascinating. Often what we think of as words of support can be entirely the wrong thing to say to people who are struggling to cope, and could make a bad situation worse.

Throughout the 2 days of the course, Christina was on hand to facilitate group chat and make sure that we were all on track. Her expert knowledge and experience in the field of Mental health is a wonderful asset and her teaching method is encouraging and supportive, leading students to become more compassionate and understanding about the stigma surrounding mental health, whilst giving us the confidence to act if ever necessary.

I think this is an incredibly beneficial course for any company to send employees on, and I would highly recommend Christina James as the course tutor.

Alexandra Palmer-Bench

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Thanks, Christina – I really enjoyed the course. You have a wonderful warmth which made me feel very comfortable and able to ask questions and share opinions and experiences throughout. The pace of the training was good and everything was explained in detail with brilliant examples and case studies. You have armed me with ways to implement positive change within my business and support colleagues with their mental health – thank you so much!

Our company hired Sanitashub to do a mental health first aid course for our management team and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. Christina was very knowledgeable about the subject matter being an experienced mental health nurse she was able to answer any questions that arise throughout the course. The course itself was very interactive and engaging and all of our managers benefited from attending.

Thank you for a fully informative and extremely effective course which should be essential for any small, medium or large organisation to gain an understanding into mental health in the work place and better understand how to assist their employees in this area.

Mrs Snape

I recently attended the two day mental health first aiders course in London, it was with the wonderful Christina. It has taken a while to write this as I wanted to take stock of what I had learnt but I can not recommend this course to highly, it takes very difficult subjects and puts an honest, personal touch to them. Christina try’s to keep the morale in the room up lifted as it can be mentally draining. If you are looking for a course to understand mental health, or you want to to be able to help others then this the place for you. Whether it is the 1/2 day, 1 day or the 2 day course please go ahead and sign up. This is the best course have ever been on.

Let’s help get a better understanding out to the word and remember it’s ok to not be ok. Just find someone to talk to.

Matthew Burrows

Just finished a 2 day Mental Health First Aid course with Christina in the City. What a fabulous trainer. so personable, knowledgeable and ensures that she talks to people on a level that we all understand. She also managed to keep what could be a very heavy course lighthearted where possible.

My colleague and I were with a group of 6 other people and we feel so lucky it was such a great bunch and we took so much from the course.

Would highly recommend this course.

Andrea Turton

I recommend this course to absolutely everyone. It is something that you will use in day to day life. I definitely will be encouraging my organisation to make some more bookings for as many people as possible.

Christina is a truly amazing person who delivered the course perfectly. It was totally above and beyond what I expected!

Rachel Barbara-Louise

Five stars!

I strongly recommend the Mental Health First-Aider two-day course! It is absolutely priceless training.

I have learned so much about different mental health conditions and how to help people in all sorts of difficult situations using ‘ALGEE’. As a suicide survivor myself, this course has resonated with me strongly. Christina was such a brilliant presenter, and I highly recommend this course to every workplace.

I am so proud to now call myself a Mental Health First Aider.

Anya Darlow

Brilliant Course

Christina was a dynamic and engaging instructor.

She was very approachable and encouraged attendees to engage with the material in a meaningful way, which enhanced the learning experience.

A very valuable course.

Many Thanks


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Sanitas Hub enables you to develop the knowledge you need for a variety of organisations.

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