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A Healthier Workforce

The United Kingdom like many countries around the world, spends a large percentage of it’s health budget on curing illness, not preventing it – but they do have a long-term plan in place which focusses on prevention and involves working with partners across different sectors to reduce long-term illness and premature death.

This type of thinking is becoming more and more common across the world. Longevity is being researched, Blue zones are being recognised for their uniqueness and for what we can take from these zones and incorporate into our everyday life to increase life expectancy.

Wellness testing is increasingly becoming more and more popular, and businesses are understanding the benefits. 

Investing in employee wellbeing can lead to increased resilience, better employee engagement, reduced sickness absence and higher performance and productivity.

6 Reasons to include health testing in your employee wellbeing package

1: Personalise your wellbeing package.

2: Offer peace of mind.

3: Improve efficiency.

4: Spend less, offer more.

5: Let employees know you care.

6: Protect your workforce.

There are many different options available to promote wellbeing in the workplace from discussion groups, to blood pressure checks to blood tests. We can also address topics such as menopause in the workplace.

Here at Sanitas Hub we provide a wide range of services to support companies from support with return to work plans to blood pressure monitoring, glucose checks, blood testing and one-off information session. We do not believe one package fits all companies, our service is customisable based on the business and the employees’ needs.

Employees often struggle in silence until things become overwhelming and this often results in time off work with ill health, and a subsequent sick note.

Wellness programmes save companies money. Analysis by Deloitte on the ROI of employee wellbeing interventions found that, on average, employers received a return of £5 for every £1 spent on supporting employee mental health. 

Similarly, research by PwC, commissioned by the Health Work Wellbeing Executive, suggests there is a strong link between the introduction of wellness programmes in the workplace and improved business key performance indicators. 

If you or your company is interested in our Wellness programmes please contact us at We individualise each plan to the companies unique requirements.

We look forward to supporting and working with you on your wellness journey.

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