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How a £10 mini awareness course could help you save a friend, family member or colleague

It’s all hotting up at Sanitas Hub HQ this week. With World Suicide Prevention Day on 10th September, we are launching our new YouTube channel. On here you will find videos and clips relating to depression and suicide prevention. We have many clips coming over the next few weeks in the form of monologue narratives, so watch this space for our ongoing roll out of films, designed to make you think about the needs of others and about your own needs.

We are Dedicated to Helping You and You Loved Ones

At Sanitas Hub we are dedicated to helping you and your loved ones in times of crisis, and most importantly, we want to help to avoid that crisis. We run specialised Mental Health First Aid Courses online and we have recently launched our new mini awareness course. For only £10 a head, this course could help you, a family member, a friend or a colleague, learn how to help loved ones in a time of need.

Mental Health affects people from all walks of life, and at every stage of life. It is a treatable illness, but for so many years we avoided the topic and pretended that it wasn’t an issue, that it could be ignored, that it would go away on its own. We would happily consult a doctor for a physical illness, but we shied away from dealing with our mental health. Thankfully we are now more aware that we must also acknowledge those little self-doubts, those negative thoughts, those feelings of inadequacy. We know that feelings of anxiety can sometimes lead to depression and even suicidal thoughts, and we understand that talking through such anxieties with another person or professional, will help people tackle issues and could even save lives.

In 2020 there were 4912 people who sadly died by suicide in the UK alone. Worldwide it is estimated that over one million people a year die by suicide, or about one person in every 10000. More people die by suicide than from murder and war, and according to WHO there are twenty people who have a suicide attempt for every one that is fatal. The World Suicide Prevention Day is observed every year on 10th September, in order to provide worldwide commitment and action to prevent suicide.

Mini Awareness Course

You can view more about our mini awareness course by using the link below.

Take Part

About Our First Film

In the first Sanitas Hub monologue we meet Polly, who, in our first film, is anxious because she thinks she has upset a colleague. The matter escalates in Polly’s mind, thinking that not only has she upset her colleague by that her best friend at work thinks that she should apologise. Her anxiety worsens and she even starts making mistakes at work. The anxiety leads to depression, to thinking she is going to lose her job, and eventually to suicidal thoughts. We watch the story unfold and see how Polly is tortured with her thoughts and see how she is eventually saved by her friend and colleague. Of course, in real life people are not always saved quickly enough, because they are still afraid to admit that they might have mental health illness, and in a work situation they might even believe that their companies will not be sympathetic. They are even afraid that they might lose their jobs. It is essential therefore that more of us are trained to look out for the signs and, when faced with a friend in need, to take the matter very seriously.

Watch Our Clips

Our clips are designed to help people out for those warning signs and to ensure that the right advice is sought early. The monologues are split into four or five parts and are divided into two-to-three-minute clips. The first clip can be found here along with our Suicide Prevention Awareness video.

We hope that you will find them useful and that you will want to take part in our mini awareness course.

Please keep safe, look after your mental health and don’t ever be afraid to help a friend in need.

With best wishes

The Team at Sanitas Hub.

To watch the videos, please click here:

Please click here for more information about our mini awareness course. Just £10 and a little time could help you to save someone’s life.

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